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We aim to recover and re-use components and materials wherever possible.


RBF has a Specialist team in place with the aim of recovering materials and components for re-use wherever possible to generate revenue for our Customers for used/scrap products. This can then be fed into the repair process, to extend the working life span of a product and reduce procurement costs for our Customers of new parts and components.

Alternatively RBF process parts to maximize and add value to the stock ready for resale to ensure we achieve the highest possible revenue for our Customers.

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Mobile Accessories

RBF have a specialist team in place with  expert product knowledge which enables us to sort, grade, process and re-sell mobile accessory products effectively. This knowledge and process enhances yield to recover and resell accessories which are A grade, 14 days returns, end of life, damaged or waste. Based on our expert knowledge and established network and route to market we are able to turnaround Accessories quickly and secure attractive returns for our Customers. 

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RBF repair centre provides product repair and parts management for mobile handsets, both for networks and manufacturers. Handsets that are deemed to be BER are dismantled to recover component parts in working order and these are then injected back into the repair process. Handsets and parts that cannot be recovered are processed responsibly by our Recycling Team. 

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Set Top Boxes Cases

RBF specialise in the cosmetic refurbishment of set top boxes and transforms a product deemed to be beyond economical repair (BER) to “as good as new” standard. 

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